Respite Care Services

Relieve stress, renew your energy, and restore a sense of balance to your life.

Smiling respite care worker sitting with a young disabled girl.
Close up of a caregiver holding hand of a person with disability.

What Is Respite Care?

Respite Care is temporary, short-term care for individuals with disabilities, chronic illnesses, and special needs. It is designed to give regular caregivers and family members a break so you can rest, work, or attend to personal matters.

Who Can Benefit From Respite Care?

Focus on Freedom provides Respite Care services for people with disabilities ages 8 and older. We can offer high-quality care at your home or out in the community in Winnebago County and the Fox Cities area. Please complete the form below to get on our waitlist, and to begin the county authorization process for CLTS funding.

Key Benefits for Parents, Caregivers, and Individuals with Disabilities

Respite Care provides caregivers with much-needed relief and reduces burnout by providing care for your loved one. It also provides individuals with disabilities opportunities for socialization and fun!

Caregiver well-being

Respite Care gives you much-needed breaks. Take care of your own physical and mental well-being, pursue personal interests, or spend time with friends. Taking time for yourself is key to your own mental and physical health and enables you to be a more effective, patient caregiver.

Social support and networking

If interested, we can connect you with other individuals and support networks in similar situations. This gives you the chance to share experiences, exchange advice, and build a sense of community with people who “get it.”

Personalized care

Respite Care ensures that your child or dependent receives personalized care and attention in a safe and supportive environment.

Family stability

Respite Care helps you promote a balanced family dynamic. You can devote time and attention to other family members, which is key to all-around healthy relationships.

“Respite services are also available which makes for more relaxed parents! We recommend Focus on Freedom to anyone who can benefit from it.”

Amy Schoening, Parent

Frequently Asked Questions

Finding a care provider who can step in and help with your loved one’s unique needs is not an easy decision–especially if this is your first time entrusting care to someone else. Check out frequently asked questions to get additional insights about our respite care services, other disability services opportunities, and so much more.

Sign Up For Respite Care Services

If you are interested in using Respite Care services through Focus on Freedom, please complete our brief questionnaire and we will schedule a consultation. From there, we will determine the appropriate trainer for your family. Once you have a trainer assigned to your home, you can work directly with them to schedule respite care. Please note: our current waiting list for Respite Care services is 12 months.